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About NorSea Group

Worldwide solutions in the offshore industry

NorSea Denmark is one of Europe’s leading multi-service suppliers to the offshore industry. We operate 12 supply bases in the North Sea. Our base in Esbjerg is Denmark’s largest.

We are a part of NorSea Group – a global supplier of base operations and full-service logistics solutions with 50 years’ experience and financial capacity. NorSea Group is owned by one of the world’s largest maritime industrial groups, Wilhelmsen, and the shipping companies, Møkster and Eidesvik.

Understanding and setting a new standard

As an experienced and reliable one-stop-shop, NorSea Denmark aims to set new industry standards of efficiency and safety. We supply all types of logistics solutions and base services to the offshore sector in the North Sea and beyond.

We seek to drive greater productivity by means of digitalization and automation – and the principles of sharing services and assets within the group.

Anchored in a thorough understanding of our customers’ commercial interests and needs, we continuously innovate to produce safe, profitable solutions.

NorSea Denmark (formerly Danbor) was established in 1974 where the company began supporting the offshore players in the North Sea. As the offshore industry developed Danbor became a multi-service supplier delivering customised solutions to the offshore industry world-wide.

In 2014 NorSea Denmark became a part of NorSea Group, a leading supplier of base logistics to the offshore industry.

NorSea Denmark offers the following services:

  • Total Integrated Logistics Service
  • Supply Base and Port Operations
  • Offshore Operation & Maintenance
  • Facility Service & Infrastructure Development

The departments: HR, IT, Finance, HSEQ and Marketing & Communication are support functions.

NorSea Denmark is a part of NorSea Group, a leading, global provider of supply bases, logistics and support services to the offshore industry.

The group has 25 subsidiaries operating in the offshore industry and is owned by the global maritime industry group Wilhelmsen and the shipping companies Møkster and Eidesvik.

Meet our Management Team at NorSea Group Denmark:

Jesper Høj-Hansen CEO, Mail: Jesper.hoj-hansen@norseagroup.com

Anders Aalund Olesen Head of Logistics, Mail: Anders.aalund.olsen@norseagroup.com

Peter Skovvang Jørgensen Head of Base & Projects, Mail: Peter.skovvang.jorgensen@norseagroup.com

Per Hjort Lorenzen Head of HSEQ, Mail: Per.hjort.lorenzen@norseagroup.com


Meet our Board of Directors:

John E. Stangeland Chairman of the board

Steinar Modalslid-Meling Member of the board

Knut Magne Johannessen Member of the board

Søren Friis Knudsen Member of the board

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NorSea Group Denmark provides innovative, flexible, safe logistics solutions and base services to the offshore industry.

We minimise operational costs, emissions and complexity through digitalisation and, automation.

We ensure maximum efficiency by sharing services, assets and knowledge globally across NorSea Group and our owners Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Møkster and Eidesvik.

Most importantly, we provide innovation and cost reduction through a strong collaboration platform among suppliers and operators in the offshore industry.


Summary of Norsea Group Denmark

Brief summary of NorSea Group Denmark

NorSea Group Denmark (formerly Danbor) is a pioneer within services to the offshore industry. Since the establishment in 1974, our company has provided offshore services in the Danish sector of the North Sea and internationally. We have developed into a one-stop shop providing the industry with multi-service support 24/7/365 in the North Sea basin and beyond. Until 2014, the company was owned by Maersk.

In 2014, NorSea Group became the new owner of NorSea Group Denmark. NorSea Group is Norway’s leading supplier of base and logistic services to the offshore industry. NorSea Group is owned by the global maritime industry group, Wilhelmsen, along with the shipping companies Møkster and Eidesvik.

To address the offshore industry’s most pressing challenges, NorSea Group Denmark has undergone radical transformation in recent years. We implemented LEAN for performance management and we have digitised and automated processes to meet a growing demand for customised, flexible and more innovative and cost-effective, safer services and solutions.

With the acquisition of the offshore wind company ØER A/S, and the establishment of the subsidiary NSG Wind in 2015, NorSea Group Denmark took a further step towards offering customised services and solutions to the offshore wind market offering services from installation through operations & maintenance to decommissioning.

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