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Norsea Group Denmark Career

Are you looking for a new challenge and career in an international environment? We at NorSea Group are a highly motivated group of individuals, who are striving to inspire and develop ourselves and the company to new heights

New challenges

Would you like to work in an exciting and demanding business environment with wide-ranging career potential? –  We are certain that NorSea Group Denmark offers the challenges for the career you are looking for.

As an employee of NorSea Group, you will work with dedicated colleagues in a truly international environment. Your decisions will be guided by our values, and you will soon be asked to assume responsibilities, proportionate to your skills and achievements.

Our team of colleagues is a well-oiled organization which you can be a part of. Together, we can and will strive to encourage each other to new heights.

With a career at NorSea Group Denmark, we can offer you various opportunities where you can learn and educate yourself further to get ahead in the business.

Continuously personal development

Our management team inspires and supports the employees through continuous dialogue as well as annual personal and career development appraisals. A career at NorSea Group Denmark is an ever-evolving road to new standard for the company and for the individuals.

Employee satisfaction is highly regarded in our organization where we believe that a united common sense and voice speaks loud along with our actions to ensure a constant development.

The policies of the company focuses on human resources. For example, we conduct an annual employee engagement survey, which is intended to develop the organization, enhance the business, and foster more opportunities for us to produce excellent results.

Our employee surveys is our “bread-and-butter” to understand and learn more about ourselves as an organization and our employees as not only appraised individuals, but also as units of well-oiled and well-functioned project teams.


Our values are the foundation of our business.

They demonstrate how we communicate and interact internally and externally with our customers, suppliers and contractors. These 4 values demonstrate the behaviours of NorSea Group.


  • We listen to our customers and work towards exceeding their expectations
  • We develop solutions to meet customer demands
  • We treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • We share experiences to bring out the best in others


  • We keep our word and are trustworthy
  • We are socially responsible and contribute to sustainable development
  • We report all incidents and work towards ‘Target Zero’ for accidents and incidents
  • We all contribute to a good working environment


  • We take pride in the work we do
  • We share a willingness to achieve results individually and collectively
  • We care about our workplace, colleagues and customers and take action to improve where standards fall short 


  • We share information horizontally and vertically within the organization
  • We create time for dialogue and communicate honestly and constructively
  • We listen and learn from other perspectives