Cook -


The cook works on day or nightshift. During the day the cook prepares lunch and supper in co-operation with the camp boss. The night cook works alone at night and finishes the ready-made-meals and prepares bake-off products, cakes and desserts.

Together with the stewardess, functions such as meals serving, dish washing, table clearing, cleaning of kitchen as well as the replenishing of the mess hall form part of the job – day and night. Supplies are handled and put in place.

The cooks must ensure that the self-policing system, the safety and sanitary procedures are adhered to.


  • Skilled Cook


  • Cooking of food for 60-80 people, both cold and warm dishes
  • Pastry, cakes, biscuits and desserts
  • Experience from shipping would be good
  • A thorough knowledge of the Danish and English languages


  • First aid course (duration of 8-12 hours)
  • Self-policing and hygienic
  • Cooking classes
  • Three-day safety course