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Non Destructive Testing

Non destructive testing

Whether you need non-destructive testing onshore or offshore NorSea Denmark is your choice.

Exceptional knowledge of non-destructive testing

Dependent on the scope of work, our non-destructive testing crew will deploy one of several different techniques to deliver the best possible solution. Our employees are always trained and thus highly qualified to deploy one or more techniques regarding the testing of various non-destructive methods.

With our vast experience and know-how, we have explored many analyses to find the most optimal materials suited for every possible scenario. With the progress and advancements in technology, which is solutions and equipment, we are always finding new and better ways to analyze and document our non-destructive testing (NDT).

The document is among others the visualization of how the materials will react under for example under high pressure without reducing the usability of the materials in the future. The documentation of our NDT will always be easily readable and simple to ensure the necessary communication is not lost between the two parties.

Always up to date certifications

The successful and continuous development of our NDT is based heavily on our training of the employees making them qualified for every task at hand. Therefore, we always make sure our certifications up to date to ensure that our customers’ solutions always have the best conditions.

As a result, our tests are always confidential, accurate, and in compliance with government contracts and specifications.

Our NDT operators possess the necessary skills to fulfill visual testing, penetrant testing, magnet testing, eddy testing, and ultrasound testing.

Do you have any questions regarding our program of non-destructive testing, you are always welcome to contact us directly on our 24/7 telephone or by mailing us. We are always available to give more information should it be required.

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We have decades of experience with Non Destructive Testing offshore.


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