Surface Treatment -

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment

Expertise and skilled painters able to deliver high quality coating, sandblasting and painting. No matter of size or complexity we can coat and paint your product.

Painting and coating of your products

High-quality surface treatment significantly improves the durability of the treated surface and is therefore cost-effective. At NorSea Denmark, we are specialists in a variety of high-quality treatments for offshore constructions to ensure the best optimal conditions for your projects.

With our variety of sandblasting treatments, we are always capable of doing a good job without any limitations of your project i.e. size or complexity.

Being able to sandblast, coat and paint units with varying size and complexity is what drives our surface treatment. Therefore, we will research and explore the newest technologies in the field to maintain our knowledge and label “specialists” thus making us qualified for the more high-quality and high-end sandblasting and painting treatments for our customers and partners.

Local surface treatment

Our surface treatment and coating division is located at our welding workshop, which guarantees a fast and efficient production without compromising the quality of the work however.

Aside from standardized coating, NorSea Denmark possess the ability to apply flame resistant coating. Be sure to make an enquiry, if this solution is something, your project is in need for.

We offer:

  • Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • Fire protecting coatings

Are you interested in knowing how we can help you with high-quality surface treatment that can improve the durability of your equipment, please contact us right away.

We are always available on the telephone or on mail – if the situation is urgent, you can call directly to our persons in charge in the various fields and operations.

With our expertise and cooperation, we will always provide the best conditions for the success of your projects.

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We are specialists in a variety of high-quality treatments of your offshore equipment


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