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NorSea Group offshore

Spool manufacturing, steel constructions, load testing and customised projects, is considered to be our core competencies.

High quality of work

Delivering units in the absolute highest quality is our main goal. Quality for us, exceeds quality welding and quality material, as we take pride in developing the best possible solution for our customers. Our main goal is to provide the customers with an overall optimization in their value chain.

Our workshop is divided into three seried productions, featuring our steel construction, line production of containers and tanks and our surface treatment and coating. This division ensures that the quality is maintained in the whole production where our team of experts always are supervising.

The steel construction division handles special products of every size, and has extensive experience with production of units to the offshore industry.

Manufacturing of spools, building of offshore units and more customized projects with innovative thinking is a core competency.

Gangways, staircases, handrails and similar constructions to the offshore industry are all examples of simpler, and more standardized productions, where maintenance of BOP’s and air cleaners for oil rigs are special projects.

Read more about our offshore operations here.

Certified with digital solutions

We consider ourselves to be best-in-class with our maintenance and certification of offshore containers and tanks.

Being responsible for more than 4000 units, we invest heavily in digital solutions to optimize our planning and create an efficient production and optimizing the whole process to create value for ourselves and our customers.

Containers and tanks going into maintenance is taken through multiple steps throughout our workshop, where welding, pressure testing, load testing, painting and coating is the most important.

Our services include:

  • Spool manufacturing
  • Fabrication of constructions
  • Building offshore units
  • Orbital welding of spools and instrument lines
  • Load testing of offshore units
  • Customized projects and tasks

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Our staff is trained to meet your specific requirements for high quality items in almost any steel and special alloy-quality.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Logistics Services partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.