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Steel Construction & Surface Treatment

Steel Construction

From the drawing board to the finished product, our blacksmiths are always trying to improve the quality of your next project, whether you need it in black steel or stainless steel.

Many years of experience

Our blacksmiths at Steel N’ Paint have delivered projects of different sizes and complexities to the energy and offshore industry for several decades. We have at NorSea Denmark delivered everything from standardized projects, such as gangways, staircases, tubes and handrails to the offshore industry, to maintenance, including disassembly and reassembly of blowout-preventers used at oil rigs and other various offshore operations. Our projects has improved the overall quality for our customers and the thorough planning and supervision of the project guarantees that their demands and requirements are fulfilled to best extent.

Our blacksmiths are not just blacksmiths, but also educated project leaders, which ensures that complex projects are planned and supervised until delivery. With a full understanding of several and diverse projects, our blacksmiths have good experience and will strive to create the best results possible.

Steel construction for offshore operations

Alongside our project-based production, we offer a world-class line production for offshore containers and tanks. This part of NorSea Denmark, our steel construction, is responsible for maintenance, certification and repairs of a large pool of containers and tanks used in the energy industry. Our production line for offshore operations are an integral part of our identity and is a high priority along with our customers’ overall satisfaction.

Our surface treatment is responsible for the sandblasting and painting of every product leaving our workshop. The treatment ensures that the delivered products are protected for many years, leaving an eventual substitution many years ahead. Our sandblasting, coating and painting in every modern treatment includes flame retardant material for the most optimal and efficient use and protection in the offshore operation.

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We are certified within the following areas:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • S32154 (SMO)

Our facilities are all under one roof.


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