Insulation Installer -

Insulation Installer

Our insulation installers working in the Danish part of the North Sea have many different kinds of insulation tasks, including technical insulation comprising mild steel casing.

We use materials such as foam glass, armaflex, flanges and rockwool for insulation purposes, i.a. for noise lowering, heatness, coldness and individuals protection.

Insulation installer requirements


  • Insulation installer
  • Plummer/Tinsmith
  • HWS (heating,water & sanitation)


  • Experienced within plate development and construction as well as the use of Talmeter tapes
  • Must be able to work independently on technical insulation and construction
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of beading and bending machines and lookforms
  • A thorough knowledge of the Danish and English languages

Insulation installer courses:

  • Technical insulation, thermology
  • Technical insulation, asphalted cardboard
  • Technical insulation, pipe insulation
  • Technical insulation, cardboard and canvas
  • Technical insulation, PVC-foil, specially engineered closing sections
  • Plate development, bendings
  • Plate development, T-pieces, branch pipes and junctions
  • Plate development, flat surfaces and containers
  • Plate development, pipe insulations, special segments
  • All courses must be completed unless you have practical experience within technical insulation and plate development.