Contract Haulage & Trucking -

Contract Haulage & Trucking

A large selection of truck units combined with specially trained drivers enables us to handle the majority of dangerous goods transportation needed in connection with the offshore industry.

Flexible and highly experienced crew

Our fleet comprises more than 20 flexible tractor units, a large fleet of flatbed trailers, low-loaders and multi-container chassis.

With a wide variety of transportation units in the fleet, NorSea Denmark ensures that your goods can get the most optimal attention and transportation vehicle available even on short notices or special wishes for transportation of the goods.

The team of drivers are highly experienced and trained to handle ADR cargo, including Tank, Class 1 (explosives) and Class 7 (radioactive material) in accordance to regulations and guidelines.

We handle dangerous goods with extra care and attention, and furthermore, our crew has vast experience in handling, hauling and trucking of your cargo.

Integration of planning and tracking

Through our integrated digital systems, NorSea Denmark offer web booking, EDI, planning and tracking of all units within our fleet. These systems provide us with data and can push planning to new highs. This also offers our customers an extra safety and options for cooperation in terms of sharing knowledge if wanted.

With the data and the wishes and needs from our customers, we are pushing the standards of our own services of goods transportation, but also in the whole industry of shipping and offshore activities. This level of quality and professionalism is our unique selling proposition, which we are very proud of.

As part of the offering, our contract haulage team at NorSea Denmark is ready to customize the transporting vehicles to meet specific requirements and wishes. The customization is to ensure that the haulage and trucking is always suited to your goods and cargo, which always is our first priority.

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We offer digital solutions which include: web booking, EDI, planning, tracking and online tablets in all tractor units.


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Thue Kilsgaard
Thue Kilsgaard