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Offshore Norsea

Our offshore workforce is providing the entire North Sea with first class catering and housekeeping services.

Flexible and high quality service

Through our trained cooks, camp bosses, medics, stewards and stewardesses, we have been active in the North Sea for the past 40 years. Our experience has taught our offshore personnel to be proactive, agile and flexible.

Our employees are service-minded and will always ensure a healthy and flexible environment regarding the overall cleanliness and catering. With continuously shipments of quality commodities, our overall goal is always to ensure a happy environment on the offshore platforms.

In our training of the offshore employees, we always make sure to educate them in several areas instead of just one. This makes the overall quality of their work better and overall workload for all personnel lighter to ensure that your offshore operations also have the best conditions to perform.

Global operations and services

We operate globally and enjoy the scale of Norsea Group.  Tthe global maritime industry group, Wilhelmsen, enables us to ensure globally attractive procurement agreements for catering supplies and local staffing. Our organization is proud of being able to offer one of the most differentiated workplaces. The workplaces provides different offshore projects, that one can be part of.

NorSea Group Denmark has been a part of Wilhelmsen for many years. We are proud to represent them globally with our professional and high quality services. With the backing of the name Wilhelmsen, we are also obliged to deliver in a professional matter. Therefore we are continuously developing for the greater good, which will create more value and optimize the workflow even better.

If you wish to know more about our services and staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always at your service with our global presence.

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We offer first class services within catering and housekeeping – our employees are flexible and trained to act proactively and with a high level of HSEQ.


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