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Bulk Deliveries

Barite, bentonite, cement, and freshwater, are just some of the bulk deliveries available at our base in Esbjerg. Furthermore, we offer tank facilities for third-party suppliers.

Bulk stations for every quayside

Our onshore base offers state-of-the-art infrastructure including bulk stations at each quayside. Having bulk stations at each quayside enables our stevedore team to load and unload supply vessels, container vessels, and installation vessels while bulk products are being delivered.

This offers great flexibility and potential to streamline our operations even further in the future, which is always our vision.

To improve and reach for a new international standard in all of our services so our customers can get exceptional value.

Furthermore, the bulk stations guarantee a safer operation, as no tubes or hoses are dragged across the operational area.

This is to ensure the security and safety of both our employees, who handle the bulk deliveries, but also of your business and best interests.

Base operations integrated into the supply bases

We have many years of experience in handling the deliveries but are always looking for new ways and technologies to optimize to secure our position and our customer’s best interests when looking for bulk deliveries of various goods and materials.

We also have the privilege of operating the biggest supply base in Denmark, which you can read more about here.

For more specific inquiries about stevedoring and base operations, we kindly refer to this page to read more.

Contact us

At NorSea Denmark, we are of course always available if you need to contact us – whether it is about bulk deliveries or freight forwarding solutions, we can always be reached by telephone, which is listed further down along in our contacts section.

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We undertake loading and offloading of bulk in connection with projects and supply boats calling in at the harbour.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient service partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.