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Rope Access Technician

Rope Access Technicians

Our Rope Access Technicians are specialized in carrying out different types of work using established rope access (abseiling) techniques. The rope access jobs offshore are typically aimed for the oil and gas industry.

We provide many different kinds of climbing tasks, our climbers being working under both SPRAT and IRATA regulations and standards.

We employ techniques and material where rope access is difficult and/or expensive for the offshore wind industry  as well as in the oil & gas industry.

Please note that applications concerning rope access positions within the offshore wind industry should be adressed to


We prefer the following background/education:

    • Welder/blacksmith
    • Rigger
    • Sandblaster
  • Painter/sprayer
  • Insulator
  • Electrician
  • Wind turbine/blade repairman
  • NDT/inspector


  • L3/Supervisor (At least 6,000–8,000 logged and approved hours in the Rope Access industry)
  • L2/skilled (At least 1000 logged and approved hours in the Rope Access industry)
  • L1 (Valid Rope Access certificate in IRATA or SPRAT and skilled worker)
  • A thorough knowledge of the Danish and English languages


  • Offshore Survival Training/HUET (Approved for rope access jobs in Norway)
  • 12 hours First Aid (Level 3/supervisor)
  • Work at Heights & Rescue from Height (GWO approved)
  • Sea survival
  • H2S Basic course
  • Epoxy (Painter/sprayer)
  • Blasting (Painter/sprayer)
  • Blade repair
  • EX course (Electrician)
  • Welding ticket (Welder)
  • EC/L2, UT/L2, PSN, MPI (NDT)
  • Offshore Medical (Approved for Norwegian sector for rope access)

All relevant courses must be valid. They are not all required to be considered for the job.

For further information, you are welcome to read about our policies here.