Sandblaster -


Sandblasters/Painters working offshore in the North Sea perform different kinds of jobs including both sandblasting and epoxy paint spraying.

The entire paint process, including covering-up, cleaning, jet-cleaning, different types of paint also including general maintenance.

Apart from the painting of offshore installations the Sandblaster/Painter also participate in the repair of paint equipment.


  • Sandblaster / Painter
  • Auto Painter
  • Building Painter


  • Minimum 3 years with all types of sandblasting/painting
  • Thorough knowledge of sand containers, hoses and paint pumps as well as repair of equipment
  • Epoxy spray coating
  • Familiar with different pneumatic tools
  • Thorough knowledge of the Danish and English languages


  • Epoxy resin and isocyanates
  • Access course
  • Cleaning / high-pressure washing
  • Sandblasting and metal coating
  • Paint coating and specifications

All courses must be completed unless you have 3 years of experience at a minimum within all fields of coating.