Scaffolder -


Scaffolders perform all kinds of tasks in connection with the construction of scaffolds, rigging and hooking.

Scaffolder tasks

Primarily they work with suspended scaffolds and scaffold towers, carried up in different heights.

Scaffolders also rig out welders’ tents and provide assistance wherever required on the deck.


  • Scaffolder
  • Education as a scaffold constructor
  • Carpenter
  • Rigger

Scaffolder requirements


  • Having worked at least 3 years with scaffold construction and rigging on offshore installations, including industrial and tubular scaffolding
  • A thorough knowledge of the Danish and English languages


  • Tubular and industrial scaffolding
  • Hooking – common basic training
  • Rigging
  • Industrial scaffolding – offshore
  • Three-day safety course

All courses have to be accomplished unless you have at least 3 years of experience in scaffold construction offshore.