Steward / Stewardess -

Steward / Stewardess

Stewards/Stewardesses in the North Sea work in the accommodation area with functions such as cleaning of cabins, bathrooms, locker rooms, living rooms, mess hall and offices.

Spring-cleaning of the entire accommodation area as well as the making of beds and changing of bed linen also form part of the duties. Additionally, they have some duties in the laundry where both working and private clothes are washed.

They also form part of the kitchen group helping out with table clearing and dish washing as well as the preparation of vegetables, etc.

The job function also includes documentation control of the constructional and machinery department.


  • Cleaner


  • Previous employment with cleaning
  • Experienced in cleaning on board ships and at hotels
  • A thorough knowledge of the Danish and English languages


  • First aid course (duration 8-12 hours)
  • Hygienic and food courses
  • Cleaning courses, if convenient
  • Three-day safety course