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Since the beginning of the oil production in the North Sea, we have been operating Denmark’s biggest offshore supply base. Through our base in Esbjerg, we supply our customers and partners with a direct connection to the North Sea, Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Our supply to customers are based on a digital and efficient base operation and process to ensure all offshore activities are optimal and always developing.

The advancements in the digital technology allow us to operate in more areas, whilst continuing to ensure a high quality of the projects we oversee.

In close cooperation with our partners, we also develop a more lean and optimal connection from the different seas to the different bases in Scandinavia and Europe, which ensures we can stay competitive in the market of offshore activities, services and logistics.

Tailored for offshore activities

Aside from supplying the offshore industry with safe and efficient base operations, NorSea Denmark is also providing access to wind-farms located in the North Sea. Our whole operations are tailored for offshore activities. These offshore activities are based from the previous activities from DanBor, that now is NorSea Group Denmark.

The entire NorSea is operating 13 offshore supply bases in Denmark, Norway and the UK, thus operating in various seas, environments and cultures making our organization worldwide and globally active and proficient.

Our stevedoring activities and base operations are always developing through sharing knowledge between the 13 bases throughout NorSea. The knowledge is shared upon a daily basis to ensure no information is lost and to secure a continuous development of information and sharing various daily objectives throughout the projects, we operate.

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Our objective is to deliver the supply chain of tomorrow – NorSea.

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