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Office spaces, pipe yard, indoor storage, outdoor storage, heated warehousing and manned storage – NorSea Denmark offers facilities tailored to your needs.


House of Offshore Innovation offers innovative and optimized office spaces available for rentals. We have various options available to the future tenants and we always offer the best facilities that are tailored to the specified needs i.e. indoor and outdoor storage of project cargo.

Tenants have the opportunity to establish short term rentals in smaller offices as well as long term rentals with office space customized for each company’s individual needs. We always look out for our customers in regards to the office space needed and the length of the rentals. We will accommodate your needs the best that we are able to.

For more information visit www.houseofoffshoreinnovation.com. You are always welcome to contact us. We are available around the clock on the telephone and will gladly help with your inquiries.


Aside from fixed rentals, House of Offshore Innovation offers meeting and conference rooms on an hourly-, daily- and weekly basis. These facilities are a part of a bigger plan to modernize and make the processes more efficient – for ourselves but also for the tenants, who could have an interest in utilizing the conference rooms.

Along with the newly renovated office buildings, we have also multipurpose warehouse and storage facilities located in the immediate vicinity of a time-saving supporting infrastructure and a large variety of sub-vendors supporting your business to ensure you have all available options nearby, thus not wasting any time or space when working at the offices.

Are you looking for specific warehouse storage solutions, we also offer this service. You can read more about warehousing & storage here.

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We offer customised and flexible warehousing, storage and office facilities


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient service partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.

Henrik Munk Andersen