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Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing and Storage

Modern facilities such as outdoor storage, heated warehousing, manned storage or indoor storage, is just part of our tenancies.

Customizable warehousing facilities

At our base facilities in Esbjerg, Denmark, we are offering warehouses and storage for both short and long term rentals.

Short term rentals at our base are used as an intermediate station for shipments and is a very popular choice, as well as temporary warehousing while awaiting customs clearances.

Of course, we also provide long-term solutions at our base.

Our warehousing facilities offer great flexibility, as we can customize the facilities to meet our specific customers’ needs, which is a great advantage.

Our long term rentals feature tailored solutions, pipe yard facilities including stevedoring activities and storage facilities at our base with garages and workshops.

These outdoor warehouse facilities are supported with time-saving infrastructure, which will greatly reduce the costs and resources for your business, when using our solutions to store your goods.

Read more about our base operations in Esbjerg here.

Flexible and professional

Being a tenant at NorSea Denmark ensures warehousing and storage facilities located in close proximity to time-saving infrastructure and an extensive network of supporting vendors.

This means that you can have a large variety of sub vendors that can support your business in an effective and efficient manner, which will create good value, when using our warehousing facilities.

We also provide immediate service, should you have some questions or doubts about your storage at our storage and base facilities in Esbjerg, where a dedicated team of members always will be in touch.

This service provides both flexibility and professionalism to your storage and needs.

Are you looking for warehousing facilities, both long-term or short-term? We are always available, so please do contact us with an inquiry.

We are always flexible and will come up with the best-customized storage solution for your needs and demands within our capacity and resources.

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Sealed off areas, heated warehouse space, outdoor storage, pipe-yard areas and storage with and without staffing – we have the space you need.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient service partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.