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Policies & HSEQ

NorSea Denmark gives high priority to Health, Safety, Environment and Quality – HSEQ – everywhere in our organization.

  • The employees’ Health (H)
  • Safety and Security at work (S)
  • Protection of the Environment (E)
  • High level of Quality (Q)

These are focal points for all our activities, regardless of the size and nature of the jobs we carry out. It is our priority to ensure the best and optimal conditions for our employees and this policy is maintained throughout all of NorSea’s activities and operations.

We have incorporated a system to deal with safety, environmental and quality requirements and each employee must always take good care of him/herself, colleagues, the environment, and our own and our customers’ property and equipment.

NorSea Denmark complies at all times with our safety policy:

Always carry out operations in such a way that the health and safety of the employees are safeguarded.

Other practices and policies in at NorSea Denmark

Similarly, NorSea has a code of practice for environmental preservation and quality assurance in all the operations we carry and perform. Our code of practice ensures that compliance with applicable regulations is strictly observed at all times. This ensures a moral and well-functioned image to our own organization and our customers.

There is an undisputed connection between effort and achievement – especially in relation to safety, environment and quality. This means that NorSea Group at all times will try to make an effort to uphold our policies in our operations and solutions.

In addition to HSEQ work, at NorSea give high priority to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and believe that sustainable CSR will lead to a healthy business for the future worldwide.

The HSEQ department prepares a Sustainability Strategy that includes our corporate CSR declarations and reports on current HSE performance.

Without exception safety and security is by far the most important sustainability initiative for NorSea Denmark. A high level of safety performance is our license to operate within the offshore sector.

NorSea Denmark considers our employees our greatest asset which is why their health and welfare have a high priority.

Our ambition is to do our best to minimise the environmental footprint and – in all our activities – support solutions preventing the climate from changing.

NorSea Denmark has established a reputation for high-quality service, particularly in dealing with complex projects.

Per Hjort Lorenzen
Per Hjort Lorenzen