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From the beginning of the Danish oil adventure, NorSea Denmark have provided the safest transportation of industrial cargo. Today we offer customised solutions by air, sea and road combined with state of the art digital solutions.

Tailored and optimized logistics services

NorSea Denmark is offering logistics solutions tailored to your needs. We have many years’ experience of transporting various project cargo in our freight forwarding services.

NorSea Denmark provides complete freight solutions in Denmark and extensive service within international transport through our group network that we have established throughout the years. These solutions are well-managed in the network and constantly optimized to provide better overall logistics solutions for our customers.

Through our integrated digital systems, the transport, storage and handling are all taken care of and tailor-made for our customers. This ensures your project has the best and most efficient conditions for a safe transportation that NorSea Denmark can offer.

Professional team of trained specialists

At our headquarter in Esbjerg, Denmark, our team of specialists within airfreight, sea freight and road transport will ensure that your cargo is delivered on time. Furthermore, our team are highly trained to guide and help our every customers’ needs and demands.

As a part of an innovative and digitalised operation, our specialists are able to comprehend any challenge through integrated systems and modern supply chain management with services including track & trace, customs clearance and warehousing. This service is in our brand, NorSea Denmark, which means that our customer always can be offered the best solution.

Our specialists have been trained to optimize and are highly qualified, professional and dedicated to service. We will get to know your assets and systems in the freight forwarding services.

Our customers’ safety is our priority and our team has all the necessary qualifications to uphold your assets with continuous maintenance and service.

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From our new digital control centre our employees can coordinate all logistic services based on big data.


If you wish to hear more about how we can offer you the best, fastest and safest transport, please contact us!

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