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Air transportation

Whether you need air freight or air transport of urgent documents or industrial cargo, we provide a solution tailored for your wishes and your shipment.

Global air transport solutions

Choosing NorSea Denmark as your partner in global air freight is a guarantee of the safest means of transport available. Our professionalism and dedication to good service towards our customers and partners provides many options that all are comprehensive to ensure our solutions are wholesome.

We offer not only an optimal solution for your needs and wishes, but also that something extra, to ensure your demands are accommodated fully.

Our air freight specialists will provide you with fast and accountable services through a global network of agencies and partners. The network ensures your cargo will be handled with quality care and safety in our worldwide air transportation.

Our global partnership also provides you with an extensive level of communication of your cargo’s current whereabouts.

Custom-tailored solutions

Do you need a short transit time, or a fast delivery – or maybe even a cost-effective solution? In any case, NorSea Denmark is your choice. With our expertise in the air freight industry, we can offer many various solutions for your choice of air freight. We know how urgent air freight shipping can be, but NorSea Denmark has handled many projects of this caliber.

With our many years of experience and continuous development of our technology, we have also learned to optimize the costs of the air transportation.

Tailor-made solutions are our way to create solutions based on our customers’ needs and wishes. We have a solid understanding of our customers and we use this knowledge to further expand our services within the air freight industry.

This level of dedication and service is our worldwide trademark for a solution that will suit your cargo and company. We at NorSea Denmark are proud and professional.

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We offer specialised air freight service worldwide.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Logistics Services partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.

Thue Kilsgaard
Thue Kilsgaard