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Whether you need to import or export goods, our team of highly competent specialists will advise you with the correct solution.

Help with regulations and documents

The correct issuance of customs documentation is very important towards ensuring both delivery on time and the rightfully clearances. Without the correct process, there will be many wasted resources in just this administrative matter, which could be used in another area. We at NorSea Denmark has a lot of experience with regulations and import/export documents, and we know all the processes and compliances that work in the different countries.

Therefore we are always ready to take your shipments under our care to ensure that we can provide the right documents regarding the regulations of the import and export.

Our specialists help ease import and export regulations and documentation fast and effective for all your shipments. With our help, you will not waste any resources thus creating an effective and optimized process for importing or exporting your freight, and as such, we can also offer an overall solution for forwarding your freight and project cargo.

Expert knowledge in complicated affairs

Given our several years of experience we have cleared all types of shipments. Our team of experts will study and identify all local rules and regulations to overcome even the most complicated affairs of trade compliance.

We have tried almost anything in the business of shipping, thus making our process fully optimized to your needs. We are AEO authorized thus making us able to clear goods in customs from an EU country to another EU country, and this is basically also our core service in customs clearance, making our service extremely valuable to your shipments and business.

If you are looking for a big-scale solution for your deliveries, you can look at our bulk delivery solutions here.

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AEO Authorized Economic Operator, an AEO certified company from an EU country is entitled to customs clear goods situated in another EU country.


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Thue Kilsgaard
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Sandra Buttgereit
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