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Dangerous Goods

Explosives, gases, liquids or radiactive substances. We provide the safest possible solution suited for your cargo. We guarantee a environmentally responsible transportation.

Extensive experience

At NorSea Denmark we have extensive experience in handling dangerous cargo. Our experience in the industry has led to many cases and cargo projects, where we have handled and exclusively researched and gained vast knowledge about handling and taking care of dangerous goods for our customers.

Your transportation is therefore always safe with us – and with thorough compliances and extensive training for our team of logistic services, we can always provide an optimal solution for you and your project cargo.

Our training is approved and in compliance with worldwide standard of handling dangerous, especially radioactive goods, to ensure the safety of both our customers goods, but most importantly the health of our employees.

Safety as first priority

Our specialists ensure a transport where safety is the first priority. In response to a demand for a specific service, we will invest in specialized equipment if required. With our worldwide partnerships with several global suppliers, we can always provide ourselves and our customers with the required equipment, that not only will be able to handle your cargo in a safe manner, but also will provide you with the extra mile of security and guarantee. That is something, we at NorSea Denmark are especially proud of.

As we have handled and had many cargo projects, we have here compiled a list of the goods, we have dealt and transported for our clients with a 100% satisfaction for our logistic services.

Dangerous cargo includes many different types of hazardous material, e.g.:

  • Liquid nitrogen and other gases
  • Radioactive substances
  • Explosives
  • Inflammable liquids

If you wish to storage some of your goods, you can take a look at our facility services here.

Should your answer not appear on our website, you are always welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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With more than 48 years in the offshore industry, we at NorSea Denmark have the all experience and certifications necessary to safely handle your dangerous cargo.


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Thue Kilsgaard
Thue Kilsgaard