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Project Cargo

We believe that handling and planning of complex projects are easiest when you have an experienced and dedicated partner. Our specialists will manage your project from pre-planning to delivery.


At NorSea Denmark, we have experienced and educated project managers who are ready to handle large-scale and highly complex projects. Difficulties in supply chains caused by contractual responsibilities are fragmented between several operators, which is why our project managers function as a single point of contact to handle the logistics.

This ensures the quality of your project and will overall contribute to a more efficient process of the handling and planning of your project cargo. With only one point of contact, the communication is run more smoothly and negates other noise from other possible channels, thus eliminating the margin for miscommunication for the handling of your project cargo.

It is in our interest to ensure your project cargo is handled professionally with a healthy and valuable partnership that can be easily reached and is available at all times.


The key to successful and cost-effective project cargo handling is planning. As a result of this, NorSea Denmark has experienced and educated project managers on standby to handle large-scale and highly complex projects.

Our project managers are highly skilled and are able to cope with the several projects and still maintain an overall high quality. This is a valuable asset and trait for NorSea Denmark, and we are always looking for new ways to improve and educate our project managers.

Oversize goods, such as tube consignments, wind turbine parts or large cranes with disproportionate dimensions, our team of specialists will assist you, from pre-planning to execution. As a result, you will experience a whole and professional logistics solution, which will bring exceptional value for your company and specific project.

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At NorSea Denmark, we handle more than 400,000 tons of goods on an annual basis.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Logistics Services partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.

Thue Kilsgaard
Thue Kilsgaard