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Sea Freight

Being a part of NorSea and the global maritime industry group Wilhelmsen makes us able to deliver first class sea freight solutions for you worldwide.

Integration of sea freight forwarding solutions

We have extensive experience in transport across the North Sea and to other energy centres, such as Singapore, the Middle East, the US and South America. This global partnership enables us to provide the most optimal sea freight solutions for our customers worldwide. Furthermore, we strive to integrate and adapt our sea freight services with our customers, which will make the process lean and effective.

Through our integration in the NorSea, owned by the global maritime industry group Wilhelmsen, we draw upon the resources of truly global players to deliver optimal solutions to meet any customer challenge – anywhere in the world. This ensures that our maritime services that includes shipping of your goods are always up to par in terms of worldwide standards. We have experience in shipping various goods, including heavily bulked goods.

Complete management of the shipping process

Digitalization and the sharing economy are key factors in achieving the best results for our customers. With a capable management of the process, we at NorSea Denmark are able to ensure the best shipping solutions for our customers, which further enhances the transportation speed without any delays for our freight forwarding services. This creates immense value as all the small tasks are handled by NorSea Denmark and our worldwide partners.

Our team of employees in the maritime industry has been trained to fully understand the value chain in regards to the logistics and shipping of goods, which will optimize the integration as a whole.

Additional services from NorSea Denmark:

  • Supply of weekly consolidated cargo service (LCL) to all main destinations
  • Full load service (FCL Break bulk service)
  • Project shipping
  • Imports and exports
  • Customs

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NorSea is owned by the global maritime industry group Wilhelmsen represented at 2,200 locations in the world.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Logistics Services partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.