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Do you need more than just a job – being an Offshore Medical might be the way?


“Together we can ………………… ”

Are you looking for:

An exciting position in a challenging and dynamic offshore working environment.

You will have an independent job where you’ll have to a large extent will find your own challenges, create and coordinate you own agenda. You’ll be in charge of an offshore medical Clinique and take important decisions and actions.

You will work in rotation of 2 weeks offshore and 3-4 weeks home. Courses and other activities may be conducted in the home stay period.

“ – I had expected to end up in a real male environment for good and evil, but was met by a lot of decentness and control over things. I immediately felt like part of the small community. Everyone was and still is very helpful.”                   – Offshore medic

Who are you?

You are a registered nurse certified to practice as a nurse in Denmark according to Danish Legislation. You have a wide professional background with at least 2 years emergency room experience within the last 5 years.

You’re able to conduct a clinical examination and conclude a precise description of the patient’s symptoms. Preferably you’re able to intubate, or at least ensure clear airways, and administer a drip.

You are cooperative and able to work multi-disciplined.

Proficiency in written and spoken Danish and English is a prerequisite.


Key Responsibilities

The primary tasks are of a medical nature and include emergency treatment together with primary care of acute medical illnesses. Furthermore, they include treatment of ordinary medical illnesses, which take place in collaboration with a medical consultant.

Other tasks include:

  • Making proper registration of performed treatments.
  • Responsibility for the medical equipment at the hospital, including cleaning of equipment, inventory and purchasing.
  • Responsibility for medical supplies together with ordering of new medicine.
  • Assisting with evacuations of patients.
  • Overseeing the various safety equipment on the platform, including supervising and maintaining eye wash stations.
  • Reception and instruction of new-arrivals on the platform.
  • First aid instruction.
  • Conducting courses about handling H2S gas.
  • Understand local health- and safety regulations.
  • Assisting platform supervisor in preventive health work aboard.
  • Working actively for a good working environment, physical as well as psychological.

“ – Here people can come and talk if they are sick or have been injured. I treat minor and larger injuries, and if they have stomach ache, have cough, cold, musculoskeletal or skin irritation, I also take care of it. Stress management is also included. It is important for the sake of safety that you have a head on at work”

– Offshore medic


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