At NorSea Denmark, we value our employees' desire to develop and recognize that specialists in each business area can create a solid mix of management and operational knowledge. Therefore, management positions are often recruited from within the organization. 

It is important to us that our colleagues succeed in their roles, which is why we equip them with tools in the leadership development course NorSea Leader.

Each NorSea Leader team is carefully selected according to several parameters, in order to create the best conditions for unity and sharing. The course gives the participants a common language and tools they can use to solve and discuss everyday challenges with.

Teaching based on real cases

With a focus on self-insight and understanding of communication and personality types, the course is based on real life and provides tools transferable to everyday situations.

The course provides insight into team dynamics and individual employees as well as motivation and recognition. But also teaches tools for when situations become more difficult and problems arise.

We consider employee development to be an important tool in the growth of our company, and good leaders to be some of best ambassadors.

Congratulations to our talented colleagues Hanne Mose Johannsen, Martin Tanggaard, Louise Pedersen, Mark Sørensen, Martin Andreasen og Christina Nørgaard Bersang