Westco Transport is well established as a specialist on the Scotland-Denmark route, and NorSea and Westco Transport have collaborated for more than 25 years. "It will therefore be business as usual when Westco Transport is now integrated into NorSea, and at the same time open up completely new opportunities", says Anders Aalund Olsen, Head of Logistics & Offshore Services: 

"We are adding a company to the portfolio that has a good business and a regular customer group"

With the acquisition, we secure our important route to Scotland, and we also get the opportunity to expand and develop the business.

"It fits in very well with our strategy to create greater coherence, efficiency, and synergy across the North Sea and increase cooperation between our bases", says Anders Aalund Olsen.

Westco Transport's director Martin Jul, who is the second generation in the company, describes NorSea as the optimal match:

We will be part of a company that we know very well and share values ​​with, and that will help develop Westco Transport. We get added administrative resources, which frees up energy to expand the business, and at the same time, with NorSea Denmark's one-stop-shop, we can offer customers a far greater range of services, says Martin Jul.