For the past 10+ years, Jesper Thorstensen has managed various national and international projects within oil and gas and renewable energy. Vastly experienced in both construction, installation, service, and maintenance projects, Jesper adds a strong strategic understanding and leadership to the team:

“I am delighted to join NorSea in a very exciting time of the renewable energy transition. I look forward to help deliver a quality product and further developing our strong position within all parts of the energy sector,” he says.

As responsible for the General Maintenance Contract, Operations Manager Bjørn Joensen will draw on his 20+ years-experience from working the North Sea. Bjørn brings a very detailed industry insight, skilled craftsmanship, and a solid problem-solving mindset to the table:

“I look forward to helping a dedicated and competent team take it to the next level, and to ensure we deliver on our promise of an efficient and lean operation centered around a strong safety culture,” he says.