"We feel obliged to contribute to the green transition and have for many years worked purposefully to ensure sustainable resource consumption. It is, among other things, expressed in our ambition to become the world's first CO2-neutral offshore base from 2025," says Jesper Høj-Hansen, CEO of NorSea Denmark:

"We trust in co-creation and believe that shared inspiration and good ideas can make a difference – in particular in the battle against climate change. We see the municipality's climate partnerships as a relevant forum to share experiences and ensure mutual inspiration in a strong network of companies that have a common desire to take part in the municipality's positive development," says Jesper Høj-Hansen.

With the climate partnership, NorSea commits to a CO2-neutral offshore base operation in Esbjerg no later than 2025 through utilizing solar cells, electric vehicles, CO2-neutral heat sources, and green land power.

To celebrate the partnership, Mayor Jesper Frost Rasmussen
was invited to take NorSea Denmark's electric truck for a test drive in an enclosed area.