Right now, recruiting new colleagues is first on the agenda at NorSea. As the year began, NorSea counted 225 employees within its ranks; currently, the company has just over 400 – and over the next five years, NorSea will hire another few hundred new colleagues.

This requires more hands and additional skills in the Huma Resources department, which is why NorSea has assigned Jesper Jensen as HR Business Partner and Charlotte Boysen as HR Specialist.

"We wish to strengthen the onboarding of new colleagues and ensure that they are thoroughly introduced to the task as well as the safety culture and values at NorSea. At the same time, we would like to improve our management competencies to ensure that NorSea can attract, retain, and develop talent in the future. Both objectives are strengthened with the employment of Charlotte and Jesper," says Jesper Høj-Hansen, NorSea Denmark CEO.

The expanding workforce within NorSea is, among other things, a result of the company securing the general maintenance contract for TotalEnergie's activities in the Danish part of the North Sea in June alongside NorSea’s consortium partner SPIE.