In a spectacular construction project, NorSea Denmark will build a 21-storey tower as a centre for collaboration and development of green energy.

'Energy Tower', as the 9,000 m2 project at the port of Esbjerg is called, will be the meeting place for innovative companies seeking creative, stimulating work communities in the renewable energy sector:

"We want to create the setting for Northern Europe's most important and inspiring energy workplace," says Jesper Høj-Hansen, CEO of NorSea Denmark:
"The green transition requires innovation and collaboration. With Energy Tower, we bring together the entire green value chain in a setting that is both inviting and inspiring," he says.

Meeting place for the industry's most visionary people
Energy Tower is intended to be the meeting place for all branches of renewable energy. Where development departments and project teams from innovative, technology-leading companies can share challenges, ideas and visions, and where new collaborations can help realise the common green agenda.

"Our aim is for the Energy Tower to provide a framework for cross-cutting collaboration at all levels. It is to be both a place with room for flighty thoughts and wild ambition, and at the same time down-to-earth, concrete and practical: A place where you can work and get things done, and where you can be close to others who want the same," says Jesper Høj-Hansen:

"We are undergoing a historic transition to a new energy system where coherence, integration and sectoral coupling are essential. If we are to succeed, we need to collaborate much more than we do now," he says.

The Energy Tower will not only be the world's first shared tower for renewable energy, it will also be a monument to a new form of collaboration in the renewable energy value chain.

"We want to be Northern Europe's anchor point for a mutual ambition for a green future," says Jesper Høj-Hansen:

"Cross-disciplinary collaboration is necessary to realise our shared climate ambition. The Esbjerg Declaration emphasised the importance of taking a united approach to the climate crisis and to reaching our common goals. Energy Tower supports this unity."