Denmark's largest offshore base operator, NorSea, will expand and accelerate its activities within the wind industry and military logistics.

For this purpose, a new Wind & Defense division has been established, which will significantly increase existing market shares in the two areas. Because the potential is there, says Lars Skov Christensen, who is Vice President for the new venture:

"During the next 15-20 years, wind has a market potential of approximately DKK 20 billion. kroner - and here we are only talking about pre-assembly, handling, operation and maintenance in the near part of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. These are areas we know and master, and where our great competences in building ports and bases and running them lean, safely and efficiently can absolutely be extended to more people," says Lars Skov Christensen: 

"NorSea already has extensive knowledge and experience related to base facilities, logistics, customs handling, transport and heavy lifting in the wind sector, and we are sure that our combined competence will be of great value in the significant expansion that renewable energy is facing opposite," he says. 

In recent years, NorSea has built up competencies and networks within military logistics, where, among others, it has serviced logistics partners for the US Army. 

"The development of the port of Esbjerg as a strategic transit port for our allies will bring many opportunities, and with a dedicated division for the purpose, NorSea can take on even greater tasks in military logistics. We have proven what we can do, and it has been noticed outside the US Army as well. NorSea has proven that our lean approach has reduced time at the quayside, which is a vulnerable position in these types of operations. We must develop this further," says Lars Skov Christensen.

Lars Skov Christensen is promoted to the position from a role as Business Development Director. He has over 20 years of experience from the energy sector, and as a former naval officer has a strong network in the field of defense.