Denmark's largest offshore base operation records an entire calendar year without an accident at work.
"This is the level we both want and need to be at," says Head of HSEQ Per Hjort Lorenzen, NorSea Denmark:
"And I am delighted to say, this is the level we tend to be at. Before the unfortunate incident last year, in which a colleague stumbled and damaged his wrist, we have not recorded a single injury at the base
for eight years straight. We are happy to be back on track with zero incidents for the past year, ” he says.

Per Hjort Lorenzen points out that the latest milestone has been achieved whilst the base has had an increase in activity:
“We have a busy working day with cranes, ships, trucks, and forklifts, and we handle heavy goods and machinery every single day. The nature of the work we do certainly has the potential to get hurt. That is why a strong safety culture is important. You cannot rely on achieving those results on luck alone, ” he says.