Specialists SPIE Oil & Gas Services and NorSea forms partnership to win ‘significant and historic’ General Maintenance Contract with TotalEnergies in the North Sea.

Up to 350 employees will work on the contract for at least the next five years.

The General Maintenance Contract for TotalEnergies’ operation in the North Sea has been awarded to NorSPIE; a new consortium formed by offshore specialists from SPIE Oil & Gas Services and NorSea. 

The NorSPIE consortium has secured a five-year firm contract with an option for further two plus two years. More than 100 employees from TotalEnergies will transfer to NorSPIE and the new consortium will require a further 200-250 employees.

NorSea CEO Jesper Høj-Hansen says: 

“The GMC-contract is significant and historic for both companies. At NorSea, we are delighted in cementing our position as the chosen supplier to the Danish Offshore Energy Industry with a contract, that is the largest ever in NorSea Denmark by some margin. In SPIE, we have found a complementing, kindred partner in servicing TotalEnergies.” 

The five-year contract is effective from the new year. Prior to this contract, SPIE had yet to establish themselves in the Danish energy sector. Moving into the House of Offshore Innovation, SPIE Oil & Gas Services’ Europe and North Africa Business Unit Director Claude Ranieri says:

“We are very proud to be chosen by TotalEnergies Denmark for this game changing contract. Thanks to SPIE Oil & Gas Services extensive experience in delivering global maintenance contracts to the energy industry around the world, combined with NorSea’s local anchoring and strong infrastructure, we are convinced our consortium will live up to TotalEnergies expectations”.