NorSea is shaping up to heavier duties at Esbjerg Harbour, investing in new lifting capacity in the form of two reach stackers of 45 and 130 tons.

"We have secured a number of projects in the wind and defense sectors where reach stackers are in demand. With special cargo and activity in general on the rise at our base port, more and more are required from us. Investing in our own stackers makes a lot of sense," says Kim List, Stevedoring Director at NorSea Denmark.

NorSea has so far operated with the base port's cranes and rented reach stackers. However, owning reach stackers holds several benefits – not least proving a point to current and future customers:

"We need to increase our capacity based on the current level of activity as well as future-proofing the company at the same time. We see a growing demand to be able to carry out heavier lifts and an importance in being competent and able to deliver a quality product on the whole package," says Kim List.