The increased focus on sustainability is at the very core of what we do at NorSea.

We want to make a difference in the energy transition by further digitalization and utilizing the rapid technology innovation in shaping the green alternative. We want to be at the very frontline in reshaping the energy industry and in creating a profitable operating model in compliance with the 17 UN Sustainability Goals.


Better energy efficiency

A more efficient use of a cleaner energy source is key to securing a sustainable operation. 

We invest in energy efficient infrastructure and clean energy technology. We want to further increase the share of renewable energy, and we work towards a better and cleaner fossil-fuel technology.

In combination with improved energy efficiency this will reduce emissions significantly.


Economic and environmental sustainability

At NorSea, we promote safe and secure working environments at all costs. We insist on equal pay for work of equal value and on equal access to decent work for all. We wish to protect and enhance labor rights.
Growth remains a key driver in progressing in all areas. We see sustainable growth without
compromising the environment or decent work conditions as the only responsible way to improve global resource efficiency in consumption and production.


Doing more and better with less

A responsible consumption and production are essential to decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation.

At NorSea, we excel in reducing waste generation through prevention and reduction, and we play an active part in recycling and reusing whenever possible. 

We support resource efficiency and promote sustainable lifestyles. We work to reduce waste and towards significantly reducing chemical release to air, water and soil.


Getting to zero by 2050

168 countries have ratified the Paris Agreement and committed to a common goal: Net zero emissions by 2050.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a necessity. NorSea is fully onboard, integrating climate change measures into policies, strategies and planning. 

We take responsibility by minimizing our environmental impact, and we have made a sustainable operation an essential part of how we service our customers and a prerequisite to be a supplier to NorSea.