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Offshore Supply Base & Port Operations

Lean and agile base operations

NorSea Denmark is operating the biggest supply base in Denmark, and have been doing so for the past 48 years. Efficiency and digitalization are key to delivering a fast turnaround.

Professional coordination with worldwide partners to provide best solutions

An efficient operation with a quick turnaround time is essential to our base operation. A well managed coordination and close contact within our project managers and the vessel, owners and charters ensures that our customers get the quality and services they require.

As most of base operations are in an urgent matter, we have developed a flexible and agile organization, which provides high quality services and solutions for a quick turnaround.

Our experience in the offshore industry enables us to create and offer the best solutions required to compete worldwide.

With operation of the biggest supply base located in Esbjerg, Denmark and control of 11 other supply bases in Europe, NorSea are always in reach for enquiries and able to provide an optimal service of the solutions.

Digitalized operations with thorough analysis and understanding of data

Through digitalization we are optimizing our operation based on data and transactions to our customers’ needs and demands. We have a professional team analyzing the data to fully comprehend and understand the requirements of the project.

Furthermore, our digital solutions ensure superior planning with our global partners, which results in our stevedore foremen always having the right capabilities and resources at their disposal to deliver the quickest and safest turnaround solutions for your project

This creates superior value to our customers in comparison to other solutions as our base operations are optimized through well-coordinated communication in the process of the turnaround.

Along with the experience and handling of operations in the offshore industry, we can safely say that your project is in professional care at NorSea Denmark.

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We have operated Denmark’s largest supply base in Esbjerg for 48 year years – through NorSea we have access to another 11 supply bases throughout Europe.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient service partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.

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Peter Skovvang Jørgensen
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Martin Andreasen
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