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NorSea Denmark is your global one-stop-shop supplier with more than 48 years of experience. Our goal is to be easy to do business with doing so by being safe, smarter and greener. You can safely entrust your defense and government task with us.

Your highly experienced defense partner

NorSea Denmark has been a one-stop-shop service provider to the entire energy industry since 1974. We operate the largest offshore supply base in Denmark.

We provide innovative, flexible and safe logistics solutions and base services. We are dedicated to safety and focused on operational costs efficiency, reducing emissions and minimizing complexity through digitalization and automation.

We are passionate about co-creation and collaboration with operators and suppliers within the energy, and we ensure maximum efficiency by sharing services, assets and knowledge globally through out NorSea and our parent company Wilhelmsen who has great experience with the defense industry.

What we do

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Logistics Solutions

We offer Worldwide transport solutions for troops and equipment. We specialize in dangerous goods and have done so for more than 45 years.

We offer custom transportation solutions and freight forwarding including air, sea, and road coordinated by our skillful couriers. We have our own trucks and drivers to ensure quality and flexibility. Our team includes in-house customs specialists.

Operations and Maintenance Solutions

NorSea Denmark operates the biggest supply base in Denmark right next to our headquarters at the port of Esbjerg where our experienced employees operate our stevedore division.

We offer container storage and maintenance services including storage and warehouse options for all your needs.

Support and coordinating

We are here to serve. Our Agency team are ready to accommodate you and your troops doing your stay and help coordinate with catering, hotel etc.

Our integrated IT-systems are put in place to ease your experience doing business with us.

ARC Endurance

Doing both stays in Denmark, Esbjerg in 2022 our Agency department served the US Army vessel ARC Endurance.


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient service partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.

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