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Freight Forwarding

Our freight forwarding specialists have extensive experience with freightforwarding all sorts of assignments. We deliver worldwide for you.

Our services of freight forwarding solutions

NorSea Denmark has more than 48 years of freight forwarding experience. We know how to do the job safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively but still with a standard of excellence that is expected from our customers and ourselves. With our expertise and know-how, we can provide an overall sustainable and efficient freight forwarding solution for our customers. We consider freight forwarding as one of our strongest attributes and will always do an extra effort to provide our customers with an exceptional solution.

We handle all sorts of assignments and, as part of an international group, we also deliver worldwide. In our department of logistics services, we also have other solutions available. Our team has worked with many numbers of global partners that have grown over the last few years. This success is based on the knowledge that has been accumulated throughout various assignments of freight forwarding services and solutions.

Professional cooperation with several partners

Our team of freight forwarding specialists work closely with our customs department to ensure that customs procedures are complied with all over the world. This cooperation also ensures a high professionalism in the whole logistics services department. At NorSea Denmark, we also safeguard our customers’ interests and therefore it is our priority and best interest to accommodate for the needs and demands, that our freight forwarding services customers have.

The industry of freight forwarding is constantly developing with new systems and cost-efficient technology and at NorSea we challenge ourselves to meet the new standards to gain an overall better satisfaction and reaction from our customers.

We are happy to provide you with further information about our services in regards to freight forwarding.

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We have more than 48 years of freight forwarding experience.


At NorSea, we are always ready to help you plan the logistics of your shipping, transportation and offshore activities – If you are interested in a proper freight forwarder we are more than capable of accomodating your needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient Logistics Services partner, please don’t hesitate to contact our division leaders directly.