This summer, Denmark will have a new music festival, the Suset Festival, which will blow the audience away at Esbjerg Harbor on the 16th-17th. August 2024. The festival is already ready with the first headliner, the legendary Danish pop duo Nik & Jay, who together with compatriots Andreas Odbjerg, D-A-D, Medina, Barselona, Gobs, ICEKIID, and Pil are on the bill for the time being – further artists to be announced.  

On the 16th-17th August, the brand-new ‘Suset Festival’ moves into Esbjerg Harbor's raw and straightforward industrial environment, where offshore wind turbines, cranes, containers, cargo ships and drilling rigs will form the fantastic backdrop for the music.  

The mission is to gather the entire city across generations for a strong mainstream program with the very biggest names in music. In 2024, the program’s spotlight is aimed at Danish artists with Nik & Jay at the forefront, while in the long term the ambition is to create a music program with top names from both Denmark and abroad. 

Suset Festival has been created in a close collaboration between Live Nation and Esbjerg Municipality, and the festival's director is Tobias Kippenberger, former frontman in The Floor Is Made Of Lava and originally also from Esbjerg with a burning dream of creating a music festival in hometown. 

"Suset will be a festival with big ambitions and high quality, and we can all look forward to some magical days together at Esbjerg Harbour. With Nik & Jay, we kick off the ball by bringing one of the country's strongest live names back to Esbjerg after a seven-year absence, and I'm sure it will be a huge party when the audience gets to experience Suset for the first time this summer." says Tobias Kippenberger. 

Initially, the mission is to give the local audience the opportunity to experience the very greatest Danish artists, which the people of Esbjerg have otherwise had to travel to experience. In addition to Nik & Jay, Andreas Odbjerg, D-A-D, Medina, Barselona, Gobs, ICEKIID and Pil are already ready for Suset, and the future audience can follow the unveiling of several names for the music program and details of the experiences that await summer festival.  

Going forward, the plan is to let the festival develop together with the audience, as Live Nation has good experience with it, and the organizers aim to be able to attract international names already in the first years. 

For Esbjerg Municipality's mayor, Jesper Frost Rasmussen, it is a great pleasure to be able to share the fantastic news about the Suset Festival. 

"We have allied ourselves with the very best in the music industry to create a musical lighthouse right out on the quayside, where we can really feel the rush from the North Sea. The festival adds a new dimension to the perception of what Esbjerg is, at the same time as we mark the city strongly on the cultural map. Suset is a big and decisive step in our efforts to make Esbjerg an even more attractive place to live and live," says Jesper Frost Rasmussen. 

Suset Festival is held in the heart of Esbjerg and will be located right at the crossroads between city and harbour, so the festival writes itself directly into Esbjerg's DNA. 

The concert venue is being lent by NorSea, which means that Denmark's largest base operation will have to move its activities to another location on the harbor for a period of six weeks. However, we are happy to do so, says managing director Jesper Høj-Hansen, NorSea: 

"We want to support the culture in Esbjerg and also the ambition to raise the culture to a new level. If this means that we must change the logistics for a period of time, we are happy to do so," he says. 

Suset gets a strong local anchoring with a focus on local suppliers of food and drink, among other things.