NorSea Denmark is the APPRENTICESHIP OF THE YEAR 2023 in HK Sydjylland!

We are extremely proud of this recognition, and a huge thank you must go to all the employees and managers who in one way or another contribute to our "Best-Place-to-Work" objective, and who give time in their work-day to involve and educate our talented trainees.

"I have had the pleasure of seeing quite a few trainees in the organization train to become skilled freight forwarders, and it is just mega-rewarding to be part of their development. It's great to see that these young people are hungry to learn new things and tackle the tasks head on.” says Logistics Team Leader, Christina Bersang.

We currently have 10 trainees across 8 different departments. Through our "One-Stop-Shop" business concept and close synergies between all departments in the organization, we see ourselves as unique in being able to offer a wide range of areas of experience within logistics, shipping, finance and much more.

Anders Gammelgaard Knudsen is one of our talented trainees who is currently in the Trucking department. Anders is one of the students who has benefited from the synergy between our departments and sat for large parts of his apprenticeship in the freight forwarding department. In September 2023, Anders nominated NorSea Denmark for Apprenticeship of the Year 2023. His nomination read as follows:

"It would be fantastic if NorSea Denmark were recognized with the award for 'Apprenticeship of the Year 2023' from HK Privat Sydjylland. My experience as a trainee at NorSea has been outstanding, and I would like to highlight why I believe they are a worthy candidate.

NorSea Denmark's training program is truly something special. I have had the advantage of participating in a comprehensive program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training in a way that has strengthened my skills in freight forwarding.

At NorSea Denmark, there are clear career opportunities for trainees like me. After completing the training, there are real chances for permanent employment and opportunities for advancement in freight forwarding, providing a clear career path.

What really makes NorSea Denmark an excellent apprenticeship is that they actively involve trainees in the company's daily operations and decision-making. This gives us a genuine understanding of the industry and practical experience.

Overall, I am proud to be part of NorSea Denmark as a freight forwarding trainee, and I truly hope that their commitment and dedication will be recognized with the award for 'Apprenticeship of the Year 2023'."