There was recognition for NorSea for ambitious and persistent safety work, when Rådet for Sikker Trafik (the Council for Safe Traffic) together with Forsikring & Pension honored NorSea with Safe Traffic Business Award 2020.

"NorSea Denmark has succeeded in its efforts to create and maintain a very high level of safety performance that delivers safe behavior and measurable results," read the jury's justification for the choice of NorSea

“NorSea Denmark works systematically with clear goals and can document positive effects of their road safety efforts: No accidents, predictable driving behavior, better fuel economy and greater employee satisfaction. Commercial vehicles play an important role in Danish road safety, and it is important that companies dare to take the lead and show new roads to better road safety, better environment and health. NorSea Denmark is a shining example for other companies to follow ", it was further stated.

HSEQ Manager Per Hjort Lorenzen, NorSea Denmark, is both happy and proud of the recognition that the award expresses. "I am particularly pleased with the ambition, that is the reason why we earned the honors. We have managed to take our experience from more than 40 years of safety work in the offshore industry and apply it to road safety ”he says.

Reward good culture

NorSea has e.g. shifted focus from
being reactive over proactive to today, where safety is an integral part of the culture in all parts of the company, says Anders Aalund Olsen, Vice president of Logistics at NorSea Denmark:

“Previously, we analyzed a cause based on an incident. Now we analyze risk prior to the task. At the same time, we work with the culture to ensure that everyone is committed to understanding why safety comes before everything else, says Anders Aalund Olsen, Vice president of Logistics at NorSea Denmark:
“In the offshore industry, good safety performance is absolutely crucial; it is your license for assignments, partners, and clients. From the offshore industry, we know that all accidents can be avoided, and that attitude has had a very good effect in the transport industry, ”says Anders Aalund Olsen.

“We set out to move mind-set and attitude. We wanted to stimulate a strong safety culture through behavior. It has worked. When we e.g. training drivers in defensive driving and conducting competitions that reward low fuel consumption, we motivate a strong safety culture. The same is true when we say no phone while driving and when we conduct 3rd party audits and risk assessments on our safety. It is about showing that we take security seriously. It's actually not harder ”, says Per Hjort Lorenzen.